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Liquid Gold Treasure Chest is a Houston based bakery, created by a mommy who bakes ...specializing in helping mommies produce the treasure of life... breast milk!

Who are we and what are lactation goodies!?

Who are we?

We are a business created by a nursing mom who was unhappy with the current products on the market!  Baking goods full-time and a first time mom, our CEO felt that moms not only deserved amazing treats, they also deserve a product that delivers exactly what it promises. Although every mom is different, we focus on helping to produce liquid gold!

What are lactation goodies?

Lactation goodies are treats that include ingredients that encourages the body of a mommy to supply more breast milk! The ingredients include but are not limited to; oatmeal, coconut, dark chocolate, nuts and peanut butter.

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Proof that it works

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Customer Reviews

How much extra can you pump?!

Customer review!


I wasn’t sure I could keep up with my 4 week old because he was eating as much as I could pump. I ordered one dozen of the cookies and brownies and after a few of each I have two extra bottles stored for emergency use and my baby boy is eating 4/5 oz every 3/4 hours!

Kimberly- Houston TX